Sprint cell phone + [email protected] = unlimited cell phone minutes

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Sprint cell phone + [email protected] = unlimited cell phone minutes

Nerd Vittles has a nice "dummy proof" tutorial explaining how to use [email protected] in along with Sprint's plan to get unlimited wireless and unlimited wireline (using broadband VoIP) all for around $68/month. His recipe utilizes [email protected] in combination with Sprints PCS unlimited FREE calls between your Sprint cellphone (or multiple PCS phones if you’re on a shared plan) and your residential phone number regardless of the wireline carrier for an additional $5/month. According to Nerd Vittles, "Here’s the math. A basic Sprint cellphone plan: $35. Sprint to Home service: $5. TelaSIP’s unlimited US48 VoIP calls: $15 a month. Home phone number transferred to BYOD plan at BroadVoice (here’s how) or AxVoice (here’s how) for unlimited incoming calls: $9. Unlimited nationwide Sprint cellphone calls: Priceless ... and FREE. Total cost for residential home and cellphone service with unlimited nationwide calling: $64 a month plus about $4 in Sprint add-on fees. Remember this gets you unlimited nationwide calling BOTH from your cellphone and your home phones."

$68/month for unlimited landline and wireless services? WOW! I always knew it was possible to do with an Asterisk system and thought about setting up a home Asterisk box to do this exact thing, but Mr. Vittles beat me to it. Nicely done Mr. Vittles, nicely done! :D

Nerd Vittles sent me a nice summary of his recipe via email:

The Nerd Vittles Recipe:

  • Cheapest Sprint Cell Phone Plan - $35
  • PCS to Home Add-On Service - $5
  • [email protected] Server for Linux or Windows – FREE!
  • Home Phone Service Switched to BroadVoice or AxVoice BYOD Plan - $9 TelaSIP VoIP Unlimited Residential U.S. Calling Plan - $15 Nerd Vittles DISA Script – FREE!
  • Unlimited Monthly Calls from Home OR your Sprint Cellphone – PRICELESS!

He even explains how to edit the extensions_custom in Asterisk to detect the CallerID of an incoming call to automatically detect your cell phone. When you dial from your cellphone to the [email protected] number you immediately get 2nd dialtone (DISA) so you can then dial out using an unlimited VoIP plan. Of course with CallerID spoofing, you may want to add a password authentication so people can't call your Asterisk box and start making outbound calls. Vittles explains how to easily add the authentication method to the extensions_custom file. But really, the odds of someone discovering your cellphone number and your [email protected]'s phone number are astronomical. As Vittles said, just don't advertise the fact.

Of course, now that Nerd Vittles has made these easy tut that anybody can follow, I wonder how long it will be before the carriers add some disclaimer to their Terms of Service (TOS) saying they'll cancel your service for using such a workaround. Then again, I doubt the average person such as my dad or even my grandma is going to install [email protected] even if it is easy to install. So this "unlimited" wireless minutes recipe is more for geeks and hackers or those people just technical enough to be dangerous. ;)

Check out the recipe.

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