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I really wanted to write a prediction post for 2009 on the last day of 2008, but what would I write about? That video telephony is going to happen, Jajah's CTO Amichay already stated that.

So, I was more than happy when this dropped into my lap through my beloved inbox (thanks for this one Sagee!).



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Video is all the rage these days, and 2008 as a whole was a very good year for video. We've had Hulu's public launch, YouTube moving to HD, Flickr! adding video and a whole lot more.

Add to that the move of blogging and microblogging heading towards video, and you get a picture of how video is taking over the web:

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Last week I had an interesting conversation with a colleague of mine at work. It was around the chances of success for point-to-point video telephony.

Point-to-point video telephony means two people talking to each other using a video call. This is sometimes referred to as "talking heads", as what you usually see is a head talking.

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Hello World

December 10, 2008 2:22 PM

Hi there.


My name is Tsahi Levent-Levi and I work as a Product Manager at RADVISION. Here, I also write a blog called "VoIP Survivor" as part of RADVISION's company blogs.

When I was approached by Greg Galitzine with the offer of having my own blog on the TMCnet blog network, there was no real debate on whether or not to accept the offer - it was just a matter of choosing the right topic.

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