New Encoder Gives Matrixstream an End-to-End IPTV Solution

Matrixstream just released a new IMX4000 standard definition WM9 / H.264 encoder, which apparently completes the company's end-to-end VOD / IPTV platform, giving it everything from software, set top boxes, servers, to encoders. This creates a path for its complete end-to-end 1080P H.264 high def IPTV platform,  and should juice interest in its IMX1020 1080P H.264 set top box (available for order on June 30th) and whet operators' appetite for the high-def IMX4500 encoder (available sometime in the 4th quarter 2006.)

You can try out out the company's new XMS-based PC Player -- with fullscreen 1080P instant playing, fast forward, rewind, and seek functions -- which will run over any best effort broadband connection with no quality of service required.

Here's the skinny on download instructions, features, and required PC configuration and bandwidth:
(1) Download the latest pre-beta VOD / IPTV PC Player at
(2) Unzip PC player
(3) Install it
(4) run program and enter your username, password, and website name found in an e-mail in your inbox
(5) click on either VOD or IPTV and enjoy!

Matrixstream xms streaming key features:

1. True streaming server, not progressive download over 1.5mbps+ broadband. You can ff/rw/seek to any point of the video.
2. No buffering. Instant loading within 1 second.
3. True full screen streaming over Internet. Other players cannot stream full screen over Internet.
4. Unlike rtsp, xms works over firewalls and nat servers using propretary xms streaming protocal.
4. Support high defintion using 2.5 mbps and standard definition at 750bkps.
5. Logo support for custom channel branding.
6. Full security and encryption build in.
7. Billing api for easy intergration of monthly membership and pay per view.
8. Conditional access build in.
9. Full iptv and vod support. IPTV is easily integrated with matrixstream iptv server so you can show live iptv channels.
10. Full pc player and set-top box support.
11. 5.1 sound support.
12. Full download and push vod support for clients that cannot support streaming.

Matrixstream PC Player minimum CPU / bandwidth requirements:

(1) 480P / standard definition = ( 2Ghz + / 1.5mbps ) and up
(2) 720P / high definition = ( 3.2 Ghz or duel core / 3mbps ) and up
(3) 1080P / high definition = ( 3.2 Ghz and duel core / 6mbps ) and up
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