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Altair Semiconductor's 4G Chip Bet Pays Off

As wireless markets globally move to 4G, Altair Semiconductor has targeted this newer network standard with a single-mode line of chips which cost less and use less power than mult-mode solutions which have to grapple with 3G and older standards....

ITEXPO Miami 2013 and Startup Camp7, Waiting for Sculley

It's the second day of ITEXPO - I am at StartUp Camp7 listening to startups pitch the audience and panel on why their applications are the best. The founder of ProtegGO is speaking right now - he seems to...

Telefonica Keynote at ITEXPO Miami 2013

Here is a shot of the audience from the recent Telefonica keynote at ITEXPO Miami 2013. Standing-room only and lots of great info about broadband, telecom and cloud. Right now the future of cloud computing panel is taking place...

ITEXPO East 2009 Service Provider Roundtable

 Andy Abramson moderated a service provider roundtable session on day 2 of ITEXPO East 2009 in Miami which had participation from Packet8, Broadvox, Telefonica, TW Telecom, and MagicJack. Abramson kicked off by explain how surprisingly great the show was and...

ITEXPO East 2009 Miami Panel Info

Hi all, thought it made sense to pass along this press release TMC is about to put out so you know what is happening at ITEXPO this Monday-Wednesday in Miami. Hope to see you there soon. Oh -- and I...
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