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Revolabs Pushing Audio Quality Boundaries in Conferencing

A typical telephone call these days still relies on quality limitations of compression and filtering designed in the 1960s! Before VoIP, the percentage of such calls would have been 100. For a short time thereafter, VoIP calls may have even...

Nokia, RIM, Skype, Cisco and ITEXPO News August 30, 2010

Tech once again has been an amazingly vibrant market in the last week of August when news is generally slow. A recent trend has to do withtechnology companies playing nice with global governments to make sure they aren't rejected or...

Dell, Toyota, BP: Sometimes a Reputation Can't Be Repaired

Two of the most celebrated brands in the world this past decade have certainly been Dell and Toyota and the companies were so good in fact that universities used them as models other companies should aspire to. We are talking...

WYDE Voice Debuts Better Conferencing Solution

A new product was just announced today and I cannot be more excited as it shows innovation is very alive and well in communications. WYDE Voice is a new start-up venture backed by Free Conferencing Corp. founder and CEO...

Office Communicator Voice Quality

I had a chance to try Microsoft Office Communicator voice quality for myself on a Plantronics stereo headset and I remain impressed with the quality of the sound. Although the wideband codecs do not support stereo, the voice and video...

Service Provider VoIP Quality

There is tremendous competition among service providers and while many providers may think cost is the most crucial component of keeping customers, it isnt.Quality is just as important or if not more. TMCnet has once again teamed with Keynote to...
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