Carbonara and Changes to the Obama Transition Team

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Carbonara and Changes to the Obama Transition Team

This weekend's cuisine was varied, Indian food on Saturday and Italian on Sunday. I may share the Indian recipes with you at some point. They are easy to make but require and investment in Indian spices. For the record I made Chicken Masala with carrots and peas, Beef Curry with potatoes, Scallops with green curry and mushrooms, Tandoori chicken and basmati rice cooked with a cinnamon stick and five cardamon pods. I did make a trip to a local Indian market as I don't make my own Naan. Hey! Even a foodie has limits!
Italian is my favorite food to cook. (French is my favorite for taste and American is my favorite for comfort.) Sunday I made Veal Marsala with a side dish of Pasta Carbonara. Most of you are thinking that must have been heavy, but done properly, or as an Italian would do it, it is reasonably light. There is no cream in either dish. The Veal Marsala sauce is built using either veal demi-glace, chicken stock or pasta water with cold butter tossed in at the finish, and the Carbonara doesn't need the cream. However, you can add a ΒΌ cup or so if you if you want a richer sauce. I use to add cream but I like this version better and if you've been paying attention, I am not into light cooking. I just like the Italian version better than the American version.
Okay...back to work.
The FCC transition team has lost Henry Rivera. He was removed due to certain lobbyist connections and other business relationships. Not necessarily a bad thing or good thing. Some conservatives were concern about his position on the Fairness Doctrine. Personally, I think we should leave things as they are but have no strong opinion on the subject. More important to me was the mention of Bill Richardson as the Secretary of Commerce and the addition of Susan Crawford to his FCC Transition team.
Bill Richardson has demonstrated an understanding of the need to improve broadband access to his state and rural areas. He also was supportive of the merger of Univision and the Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation to expand their holdings and be more competitive with the major networks. Both positions seem reasonable and thoughtful.
Susan Crawford is an impressive addition. She is well respected coming out of the University of Michigan and should add to the overall knowledge of what an open Internet means to this country. How she will actually decide things is of course unknown but she is no neophyte. We face a tough economy and many challenges. The more expertise put in place, the better companies like Broadvox can feel about the potential direction of policies.
This may be a short week but I will be here on Wednesday.

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