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David Byrd
David Byrd is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Raven Guru Marketing. Previously, he was the CMO and EVP of Sales for CloudRoute. Prior to CloudRoute, He was CMO at ANPI, CMO & EVP of Sales at Broadvox, VP of channels and Alliances for Telcordia and Director of eBusiness development with i2 Technologies.He has also held executive positions with Planet Hollywood Online, Hewlett-Packard, Tandem Computers, Sprint and Ericsson.
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Mobile Marketing - 2018 Marketing Insights

Mobile Marketing benefits are well understood in a B2C environment and it is relatively easy to implement. There are plenty of...

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Dialpad Debuts New Gmail Add-on in G Suite Marketplace

Dialpad spun out of Google for all practical purposes and still uses the Google cloud or GCP so its a natural application...

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The Importance of SS7 to SIP Interoperability

SIP endpoints such as softphones / headsets used for IP based enterprise VoIP calls,  for WiFi calls, and for calls from third...

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IoT Connectivity Standards? Still a Confusing Mess.

62 million European households will soon have smart gas meters as reported on IoT Evolution with an annual growth rate of 27.8...

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Digital Transformation Gone Wrong: Did Macy's Fail?

Amazon will be moving into six floors at 300 Pine Street, a historic epicenter of Seattle retail, home to Macy’s. In fact,...

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Mazda Rotary Engine to Cease Electric-Range Anxiety

The rotary or Wankel engine is an automotive marvel. It revs higher than an engine with cylinders and weighs far less. It...

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Invoxia NVX 200 Phone Connects to Apple Watch 3

Forget Dick Tracey, Invoxia takes your watch phone one-step further by allowing you to use a desk phone as the interface to...

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Generations Working together Well
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ANPI Goes to Washington
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Mac and Cheese, Mitt and Telecom
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SIP and VoIP
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SIP Trunking and Guacamole Redux
What's in a Word, Small?
Chicago, Chicago That Toddling Town
A Sea of Change
The Internet, Broadband, 4G and Jobs
Internet Job Creation
Smoking, Frying, Grilling and Spying
Random but Pertinent Thoughts
It's a Monday, Wednesday
How do You Wireless?
You're Fired
Have a COW, Man!
Invest $87.99 and Get a 1279% Return over 12 months
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Triple Digit Growth
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Conversation is Important
Classics Remain While One Disappears
Invest in Yourself, Enjoy the Returns
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Hosting Services
Cloud Computing, Hosted and Managed
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$100 Billion and Counting
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Smoky Backyards and Back Rooms
Differentiating Yourself When Considered a Commodity
Commercial Real Estate and Cloud Computing
OMG, Crab Cakes and Bing
Internet Marketing State of the Union (con't)
Internet Marketing State of the Union
Simple Soup and the Simple Mind
Tomato Basil Soup
The E-SBC is On the Rise
PBX Sales Are Growing Again
Surprising Consumption
Red, White and ooVoo
No Patent Pending, Just Heat
Follow Me on Tweeter
It's Not That Time of Year
Pork and Beans, Frost and Sullivan
IPv6 and the Yottabyte
Quantifying Unified Communications
Lump Crab and Data
Two OEMs, Two OSs
A SIP Trunk Standard Emerges
A Stormy Night Shows Me the Future
With Ready Fire Aim Avoid Intractable
How Green is the Cloud?
Technology Commodity Conversation
A Taste of Crabs and a Touch of Security
Taking It to the Cloud
Mashups Seem to be Working
Whew! It's Finally over!
Asparagus Aspirations
Please Take a Moment
How much do You Pay?
You say Tomato and I say Get the Heck Out of My Phone
A Revealing Bite of the Apple
SIP 2.0
Welcome to Potatoes, Onions and Oz
The Best of the Blog 2010
We Need a Little PR
Fill and Keep
More on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Holy Massive Bureaucratic Report IP Man!
FCC Floundering May Be Over
Business is Gulping SIP
Business VoIP Faces Armageddon
Soaring with Turkeys and Eagles
More than Flowers
The Voices of Unified Communications through Podcasting
Scrambling to Grow, Slowly and Thoughtfully
From SNL to the Senate, the Honorable Al Franken
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
Pause to Taste the Sauce
Geo Targeted SEO for SIP Trunking
FIFO Meets First to File
Gnocchi isn't New and neither is DDoS
It's Getting Really Cloudy Out There
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Holding Fast
Connecting at Enterprise Connect
IPv4 is Running on Empty
Playing Chicken with Net Neutrality
Excellence and Killing the Monkeys
Together, For the Very first Time
VAD and Waffles
Pins and Needles
Interoperability and Lync
Super Bowl and Sinful Sunday
SNR Dreaming
Pulled Plug and Pork
Internet On, Internet Off
Zero, Six, 6940
Going Dutch
Practicing Safe SIP
Welcome to Telecom Prairie
A Bold and Rich Choice
The Value of the VAR
The FCC Capitulates on Network Neutrality
Where's the Beef?
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Net Neutrality Makes the Evening News
Up in Smoke, the Telephone Book
Romania and High Speed Internet
What is the best IP PBX?
Povitica, Latkes and IBM
Broadband is not Scarce
What does this have to do with Broadvox?
Jambalaya and a Movie
Testing Has Begun, Please Disconnect Your Laptop
Gobble but don't be Gobbled
Thanksgiving Day History
Sauerbraten and HIPPA Compliance
My Favorite IP PBX Features
IT Managers Value Different PBX Features
Ratatouille, Shrimp and the Best PBX Features
Confidential...Good Luck with That
Good Days and Bad Days
Pancakes and a Hopping Good Time
Net Neutrality Rebuked During Tuesday's Election
SMBs and Unified Communications
Telecommunications, More than Just a Hill of Beans
To STUN or Not to STUN
STUNned Unnecessarily
Ham, Fettuccine and FiOS
Porchetta and Interop 2010
Veal Valdostana and Traffic Pumping Update
Making Lemonade or M&A
Risotto and Leadership
There is No I in Team
Risotto with Asparagus and Artichoke Hearts
Risotto and Leadership
The Legend of Telemarketing
Pumping up Meatloaf and Traffic
And Congress Steps Over It
VoIP Services Market Continues Upward Trend
Paella and Payola
2010 Channel Partners was Well Received
Broadband, a Civil Right?
Fixing BBQ Shrimp and FoIP
Assessing Sales Turnover
COMPTEL Goes Ethernet
Happy Birthday and the Here You Go Virus
Hosted, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Managed Services
It's All About the Channel
Contact Centers Need New Strategies
Changing the World is not Easy
Advertised, Expectations and Actual
Can We do What Google Does?
To All of You, Thanks
Spicy Asian Chops and Too Hot Huawei
The Wild Wild West and Net Neutrality
Offal is not Awful and the Seven Deadliest Attacks
Cloud Nine is Thai Green Curry and No PBXs
The 75 Coolest Service Providers
Roasted and Fired
Combating the Seven Deadliest Attacks with an E-SBC
The Seven Deadliest UC Attacks
SIP Trunking is Flourishing
Crab, Pork and an Expanding SIP Market, Good Stuff
The USF Needs Fixing but are these the Guys to do IT
Is the Sky Falling?
Stuffed Calamari and iPhone Stuffing
In Flight Wi-Fi Good, VoIP Bad
Coffee Would Have Been Good
Don't Clam UP about CCS
Protect Your Online Reputation
Plugging Social Media for SMBs
SEM Campaigns and Tracking
SEM...Pay to Play; Is It Worth It?
Grilled Stuff Pork Chops
SEO, SEM, Social Media sells IP
IPv6 Pushes to the Forefront
Simply a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and SIP
The Third Way Moves Forward
BP and IP
Interviewing for a Double Chocolate Ice Cream
All You Can Eat Fettuccine
Test My ISP
IP Connects the World Again
The Telecommunications Bible
A Change is a Coming
A Spicy Issue
Defeat the Power FUD
Acme Packet is not Wily Coyote's Cup of Tea
Good Things Take Time
The FCC is Obscuring Intent with the Third Way
Pursuing Net Neutrality
To the Beat of a Different Drum
A Cautious Approach to Net Neutrality, A Third Way
Are Current Government Policies Hurting SMBs?
Chili Crab, Pepper Crab, the Heat is On
An Improved Strategy for US Broadband
Further Broadband Penetration Deconstruction
Deconstructing Curry and Broadband Statistics
Another View of the US Position on Broadband
Must It Always be Premise PBX Versus Hosted Service?
Mama, Put Your Red Dress On and Put Down the Cell Phone
Saving Net Neutrality with Finesse or Brute Force
Over Reach and Just Right
What's a Typewriter?
We Interrupt this Blogging
Integrating Wireless with IP Communications to Increase Revenues
An Incredible Can of Tomatoes and a Bunch of Writing
Beating FUD with MOS
SIP Trunking and VoiceCon
From Brussels to Orlando
Should Broadband Expansion be Public Policy?
Broadband Access, a Matter of Public Policy?
The SIP and Serve Blog
The IP Community Needs a Little Privacy
The Promise of Anytime
Pity the Fool
Bloggers Block...
Broadband Expansion Economic Impact
Braised, Baked and By the Numbers
Influencing the Reality...
Stimulating the Stimulus
Pearing Up can be Good
SIP Trunking Cost Savings Updated Part II
SIP Trunking Cost Savings Updated
Heart to Heart, Food and Money
Record Snowfall in Dallas
Honesty in Messaging Wins
An Odd Pairing, Pork and Clams, Obama and Net Neutrality
Searching for IP Services - Part II
Looking for IP Services
On the Hunt for Good Food and IP Services
Zero out of 7291
The State of Telecom
Fried Chicken and Broadband have no Relationship
What was the buzz at IT Expo?
What will be the Buzz?
Real Carriers Eat Quiche
Happy New Year!
A Merry Broadband Christmas...
The IP Scene is Green II
The IP Scene is Green
A Curing Review
An all IP Future?
Reading Food and SIP
Is Telepresence the Answer for Video Conferencing?
They're Here...AT&T and Verizon
A Parfait Thanksgiving
A Whole Lot of Smoke, Food and Health Care
A Whole Lot of Smoke, Food and Health Care
Who Do Those Customers Think They Are?
Success with Digium IOT
Potato Cheesiness and the Top 5 Most Ridiculous Things I Have Ever Heard Part II
The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Things I Have Ever Heard
The Rise of the SIP Trunks
Umami in Food and Telecom
Adtran, Jawbone and the SIP Trunking Market
Adtran, Spectrum Partner Summit
Smokin' and the FCC
Channel Manager Qualities II
Channel Manager Qualities
Loco SuperComm and Comptel
Getting Jerked Around...
A Very Good Quarter
See You on Friday
Pan Roasted Chicken and a Little Reminder...
Julius Genachowski and Net Neutrality Update
Cloud Computing Applications and Impact
Shepherds Look towards the Clouds
VON, IP Man, Channel Partners and David Byrd
Top 50 Thank You
HD Voice...
HD Meatballs and Voice
800 million plus 332 million
Crabby over Security
Congratulations...Thank You Very Much!
Peering, Equals Amongst Equals
Simple Steak and Simpler Software
Peek-a-boo Julius Genachowski
IPv6 and the Passing of an Era
Researching Hatch Chiles and Next Generation IP Technology
Now for a Word from Our Sponsor...
The State of IP (Part II) Q&A
Scallops and the State of IP
Up to 70% Savings...Case Study III
Writing the Customer a Monthly Check (Case Study I)
The World Is Your Oyster
Sotomayor and Net Neutrality
Trusted OEMs and the Honest Truth II
Mashed Potatoes with where is the IP?
Google, Gizmo...Game On
The Broadvox VAR On-Boarding Process...
Goodbye and Hello
Presenting IP Communications Continued...
Presenting the IP Message
Stirring Things Up
Service Providers and Business VoIP Security
VoIP Security Begins at Home
Tarragon Chicken and There It's gone Security
Centrex, Is Still Alive?
Mirepoix, Classic...Next Generation, Priceless
Wi-Fi, Mi-FI and Broadband Access
Wi-FI, Mi-Fi and Michael Jackson
Seven Hundred Thousand, Thirteen Million, Twenty-One Million, Two Hundred and Fifteen Million
Internal Training, External Success
Moving Your Team from TDM to IP
The Right to Bear IP
The Senate Hearings Have Begun
Curry No Favors
Try It and Buy It...Not!
Eddie, Phones and Automobiles?
The Cream of the Crop
The Nortel Effect?
We are the Champions..We are Agnostic!
It's Greek to me
Pricing Integrity and Discounting Part II
Pricing Integrity and Discounting
The Value of a VAR
The Chicken or the Egg
Trout Stuffed with Seafood and the End of a War
Broadvox, More than Any Other Carrier...
Can it Get Any Bigger?
Chicken and Dumplings meet All You can Eat Broadband
Oklahoma and Eurocentric: The Demise of the Landline
The Multi-Faceted IAD
Vidalia Onions, Summer and Edge Devices
By the Byte or the End of the Buffet
SIP Trunking is Fun!
Apples and Oranges (SIP Trunking)
SIP...It's the RAGE Part II or Who's Buying?
SIP is the RAGE
A Mouthful: Grilled Butterflied Chicken, CTO, CIO and FCC
Wash the FUD out of Your Mouth
Pork Rib Roast and FUD
Foundation of Achievement Part IV
Foundation of Achievement Part III
Mushrooms Foodie, Go Deep says the Coach
Foundation of Achievement Part II
Foundations of Achievement
Four Steps to Belgian Fries and Better Sales
2009 TAG National Convention...
Super Borscht and SUPERCOMM...
Selling SIP Trunking Online...
Online Advertising of SIP
Cook, Plumb, Prepare Veal Marsala and Tax Advice
The Future is When?
VoIP and FoIP
Roasted Beets and Net Neutrality are on the Menu
Conundrum or Kundra
Genachowski and COMPTEL
The Irish lose but Vegas Wins!
VoIP/SIP Trunking Assessment Criteria...
State of the Broadband...1/6242
Croissant Bread Pudding and Bread for LTE...
What's Relevant?
Italian Lasagna and an FCC Update
A Stimulating Valentine's Day Meal
VoIP Peering...
VoIP Peering the key issues...
Triple play and Peering...
IP Man...Batman?
Interconnect, Taxes and Innovation
Mom and Dad Save the World...
You Mean It's Friday Again...
Out with the Old and In with the New...
Coming up Short...
The Broadvox First Quarter Sales Meeting and 2009
As Nortel falls, AudioCodes rises
Gravity, Pork, Apples and Newton...
What the Heck is a SIP Trunk?
Budgets, Budgets, Budgets
Red, White and Blew...
Lean and Lien
Chili and Choice
On Vacation...
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Season's Greetings, Happy Kwanzaa...
The Cheese Soufflé wins...Ethernet and Embedded VoIP
The end of Yin and Yang?
French Onion Something and Enhanced Local Numbers...
Paprika and the state of things...
SIP Trunking Cost Savings
It's the Opportunity, Stupid.
Risotto and All-in-One PBXs
Whoa! Good news!
IP PBXs for SMBs and IT
1000 degrees and counting...
Carbonara and Changes to the Obama Transition Team
The Final Card...
ROI, TCO and Bread
Alligators and Crab Cakes
...and who will lead us?
USF and Net Neutrality
A New Administration and Cioppino

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