The end of Yin and Yang?

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David Byrd
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The end of Yin and Yang?

I have been speculating that the new administration may be good for us ITSPs as we compete for business in 2009. Looking at key members of the transition team such as Susan Crawford, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School and Kevin Werbach, an Assistant Professor of Legal Studies at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. I saw an opportunity to address important telecom issues that had languished under Bush. My chief concern remains, are we going to do the typical Republican to Democrat seesaw with regard to policy.

It is very tiring for us as a nation to be led by ideology focused politicians, rather than someone who may be actually seeking the best answer. Yesterday gave me hope. Obama's cabinet has been filled with a good mixture of people, and, yes, the phrase, " cabinet of rivals" somewhat describes the group. However, when we look at their ideology ,most are of a similar mindset. Sure, he kept Gates, but that was an obvious choice. Additionally, it seems that the safest place to put a member of the opposite party is in charge of Transportation, remember Leon Panetta?

The question remains, will Obama leave ideology at the door and do his best to lead us as a nation? We are divided, not so much by our individual ideologies but by the policy priorities and statements of the leading parties. The hope I got yesterday was from the selection of Rick Warren to perform the invocation at the January inaugural. Do I agree with Rick Warren's cultural views? For the most part, no. However, I believe we are stronger as a country when we meet without malice and are able to discuss our differences and find workable solutions. Rick Warren and Barack Obama do not agree on everything but they know there are important issues facing this country where they can work together. Not just find common ground but work harder to solve serious issues.

The economic crisis we face, wars, crumbling infrastructure and loss of leadership in the deployment of key technologies (broadband, IP communications) will not be properly solved along party lines. We need to find the right answers or solutions. Speaking for me, Broadvox and the nation, I hope this team approaches our problems the right way.


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