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VoIP Peering...

I began the week looking at VoIP Peering and this will be the final entry for now on the subject.

First, Bilateral versus Multilateral peering. Large service providers prefer bilateral peering so they can maintain control over the amount of traffic that will be terminated. Moreover, it is easier for them to continue a measured/per minute billing structure. ITSPs such as Broadvox prefer, multilateral arrangements, since in multilateral peering all partners agree to deliver each other's calls for free. This view is more consistent with the overall history of openness on the Internet. It is also the model employed by peering companies like Stealth Communications' Voice Peering Fabric and the XConnect Alliance.

Since VoIP traffic is being taxed and regulated, it is unlikely that the openness of the Internet will be the final structure. Some hybrid will ultimately be promoted and accepted by a majority of the industry participants. In the end, it will be good for our customer base as well as the growth of our businesses.

As a reminder, with peering we are able to avoid the call conversions from IP to PSTN and back again. And by avoiding those conversions, we are able to offer true IP calls and enabling more new features and call types. It will be simpler to transmit video, images, text and, of course, voice calls. It will also be easier to be device and network agnostic. Wireless networks will interface better with wireline networks. Hard phones will work seamlessly with softphones. It won't be nirvana but it may begin to feel that way.

See you on Monday.

I have several new recipes that I am trying out Valentine's Day. It should be a great meal!

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