Genachowski and COMPTEL

Genachowski and COMPTEL

Well what has been speculated for weeks has finally become official, long time Obama friend and advisor, Julius Genachowski, has been nominated to head the FCC.

"He will bring to the job diverse and unparalleled experience in communications and technology, "said President Obama.

Perhaps on Friday, we can review some of the pressing issues facing the FCC and those that are important to the IP Community, Broadvox and other ITSPs.


The energy surrounding COMPTEL is hard to gauge because so much of the interaction takes place in private rooms and suites. The show floor was moderately full. Traffic/attendance seemed moderate as well. However, Broadvox was very busy meeting customers and other carriers. Our executives barely had time to be at the booth at all. So a good show.

The general mood was the same as that of Channel Partners, telecommunications is the place to be right now in terms of the economy. Most companies attending are optimistic for the year and see positive growth. This is versus other areas in the US (outside of government and healthcare), where success in 2009 is defined to be flat or barely down.

See you on Friday.


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