Foundation of Achievement Part II

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Foundation of Achievement Part II

Continuing with the discussion David Hibbard's presentation regarding how to improve in achieving your business and personal objectives and goals, today I am addressing Vision.

Vision: The sales person or employee has to have a vision of what they want. Why are they going to work each day? What do they want to achieve in their lives that motivates them to be part of the workforce? To be clear, we know they are not coming to make the owners of the company rich, or to see their managers rewarded. They do it for a purpose. However, it should be noted that not everyone has a Vision for his or her lives. Some people do indeed work because they have to. Some people work because they like, are successful and still have no end goal in mind. If you are one of these people, you should sit down and think about what do you want out of life? If you are a parent, is it to send your child to an Ivy League school? Perhaps, it is to have an early retirement to some exotic location. It may even be as simple as buying a car or home. Nevertheless, there needs to be a Vision that drives one to achieve and allows them to measure their success in reaching the goal.

The more sensitive thing then is for us, as managers, to ask our sales people and staffs what is their Vision. This gives us the opportunity to position rewards that move them towards their goal. Knowing that Sally is saving to get her first house can be used to motivate her to keep pushing herself to achieve. Remember, hoping for something is passive, desiring achievement is proactive.

Story: The next piece of the foundation is Story. Why are you where you are? Why are you in your current circumstances? Are you there due to right, bad or indifferent choices? It is important that your Story reflect your actual circumstances. If you are working to achieve a goal, then you are responsible for your circumstance. You are responsible for changing it. In many cases, one's Story is used to defend a current situation. If sales are down, then it is the slowed economy, people are delaying buying decisions, they won't return my calls, the product is the wrong price or the features are lagging the market. The Story one gives says a lot about how one views his or her situation and the ability to manage or change it. My counter for the previous statements, improve your value statement and proposition to make the product an essential purchase, drive how the delayed decision is costing money, reducing productivity or affecting service quality. If your Story is not the one you want then examine what you are doing and where you are in life. Achieve the story that defines you.

See you on Monday with the final piece of the Foundation and a new recipe!

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