A Merry Broadband Christmas...

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A Merry Broadband Christmas...

My new smoker and I have been having one heck of an affair. Someone said over the weekend that all I am doing is smoking food. That is not entirely true. I have been smoking nearly every weekend as I learn the particulars of the smoker. Controlling the heat and moisture is key to this. Learning the subtleties of the smoker during different outdoor temperatures and conditions is very important. However, I also made eat other things. In fact, the recipe of the week is Fettuccine with Ham and Cream Sauce, which I fixed on Saturday. It is a cross between the Italian version with pancetta and the American version with bacon. I used ham because I have a whole ham that I want to eat, serve and finish this holiday season. The recipe is simple, quick and very tasty. Make Fettuccine with Ham and Cream Sauce during the holidays and your family or significant other will be very happy. Enjoy!

Broadband for Christmas

$182 million out of a $7.2 billion stimulus program to increase broadband in rural communities was awarded last week by the US government. The awards were surprisingly small but kept a promise to push some of the funds out prior to the end of the year.

Vice President Joe Biden made the announcement at a metal fabrication company in Dawsonville, Georgia. I am clearly in the dark as to why that location was selected. Biden announced that the North Georgia Network Cooperative would receive a $33.5 million grant.

The US lags the developed nations in both broadband coverage and speed. Additionally, we are among those with the highest cost. The $7.2 billion program may not address sped and cost but it should improve access for individuals and most importantly businesses. The US must remain competitive with other international businesses that have access to broadband that can support better supply chain management solutions and converged services, video, voice and data.

The initial awards will fund 18 projects in 17 states. Over the next 75 days, $2 billion in grants and loans will be awarded. Ultimately, this will expand the IP Communications market for Broadvox and other ITSPs.

I am going to be busy the rest of the week with Christmas and family. I will see you again next Monday.

Merry Christmas!


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