All You Can Eat Fettuccine

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All You Can Eat Fettuccine

I didn't cook a lot this weekend as we decided to eat light on Friday and tried out a new restaurant on Saturday. Therefore, I knew that Sunday's dish had to be spot on as it, by default, would be the recipe of the week. I thawed some chicken over night with an idea to do something with it, pasta and gorgonzola cheese. However, Sunday morning, I got an inspiration to make the dish using mustard, lemon juice and cream. I can't recall having a mustard cream sauce with fettuccine but it turned out great. Now I did use broccoli florets instead of peas and I cooked the last of my homemade apple wood smoked honey bacon. But, I think if you follow the recipe as outlined, it will be delicious. Please enjoy Fettuccine with Mustard and Lemon Chicken.

All You Can Eat

As AT&T changes its wireless data plan for the new sophisticated multimedia phones, it is merely following a trend. Granted the move by AT&T may be an attempt to protect its iPhone market share, if the exclusivity deal with Apple ends this year. However, the idea of "all you can eat" services is becoming outdated. To support this new direction for wireless carriers, several companies are now offering network policy control products. These include Telcordia, Bridgewater Systems, Tekelec and others.

In fact, the wireless industry is simply acknowledging what ISPs have always known. Tiered levels of usage are positive when it comes to generating new revenue. Heavy users of video, gaming, music streaming, social media uploads and email are not going to change their habits due to minor price increases. The key here is minor. Increase the price too much and you will reduce usage and lose customers.

Moreover, businesses are used to seeing additional cost for most of the IP services that are offered today. By way of example, Broadvox and our competitors charge more for a virtual PBX hosted service if additional extensions, several auto attendants or lots of conference rooms are required. The same goes for web services products, if additional data storage is needed.

I will promote one new and useful tool developed by AT&T. Do check out their Data Calculator. It is very interesting as were the sizing examples upon which it is based:

·         Email (text only) - 20 KB

·         Email (with attachment) - 300-350 KB

·         Web page - 180 KB

·         Minute of streaming music - 500 KB

·         Minute of streaming video - 2 MB

·         An application, game or song - 4 MB

Find out if you are a true power user by inputting your personal and professional use.

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