IT Managers Value Different PBX Features

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IT Managers Value Different PBX Features

While the list of favorite features for end users contains the most commonly used features those selected by IT managers might raise an eyebrow or two. To recap, the end user list is as follows:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling
  • Call hold
  • Unified Communications Features:

o   Presence

o   Unified messaging

o   Instant messaging

o   Find me/follow me/one number reach

o   Click to dial

IT managers included call forwarding and call hold but after that an interesting list develops. IT managers were more concern with those features that supported service management (intrude, call blocking, call drop), business support functions (night service, auto attendant, corporate phone books with global extension dialing, ACD management and reporting) and survivability features (business continuity, disaster recovery).

The difference in priority for end users and IT managers, strongly suggest the development of different value propositions during the sales process. A VAR should develop three presentations/value propositions depending upon these audiences:

  • User Evaluation Committee – most used features
  • IT Management Team – features that support business functions
  • C-Level Executive – a combination of both

The approach to positioning these PBX capabilities should be the same whether the VAR is discussing a premise platform or a virtual IP PBX. The decision to own the hardware or take advantage of a managed service, like GO!VBX from Broadvox, is not related to the expected or desired communications features and capabilities. Forget the idea of a “magic list” of features and take advantage of this information to position your business as the better solution provider to the buyer. Knowing your audience has always been a hallmark to effective selling. A marketing message that incorporates the interests and concerns of each segment of the company may tip the decision scale in your favor.

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