Accelerating Video Adoption

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Accelerating Video Adoption

Many years have passed with analysts and proponents of video conferencing and calling claiming the moment is now. Certainly, as prognosticators they have not been very good. Neither travel cost reduction nor have pronouncements of improved collaboration set the market off. However, during CTIA, a new consortium was launched with the intent of accelerating the adoption rate of video conferencing and calling. The Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC) has as its goal to specify standards, best practices and connectivity agreements to enable the delivery of a reliable B2B video experience that enables users to place and receive video calls beyond firewalls and across proprietary and open video platforms.

This would be a very good thing. Furthermore, by reducing or eliminating “video islands” the technology may get adopted by smaller companies. It is important for SMBs to gain access to video as a low cost, easily available and supportive technology to their business before the adoption rate in the SMB segment improves.

All businesses will benefit if video applications work seamlessly across service provider networks and different IT infrastructures something Broadvox has envisioned for a very ling time.

We will see if OVCC can gain the momentum required to achieve these objectives. All major video technology players and service providers need to come on board for this to be successful.

See you on Monday when I return from vacation. Having eaten out for over a week, the recipe will probably be a comfort food which is never a bad thing.

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