In the Year 2013

In the Year 2013

Although it is common to look back on the previous year for highs and lows, I decided to look forward to the top 10 things to monitor in 2013. The order is not of any particular importance but the ten items are of concern or interest to most of us.

  1. Cloud Services – the growth of cloud services in support of hosted communications, IT infrastructures and application distribution continues unabated. Cloud services appeals to all sizes of businesses and has found useful purpose in the most intransigent businesses that once would have maintained all technology and services in house. Obviously, there are concerns about security, data integrity, price and many other service associated elements but the most believe these will all be alleviated or at lease reduced to the status of minor problems.
  2. SIPconnect 1.1 – the formal adoption by the SIP Forum Board of this technical recommendation is meant to resolve a number of interoperability issues and expand the usefulness of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Major OEMs and enterprises are expected to deploy SIPconnect 1.1 compliant hardware in 2013.  There are a few naysayers who believe that SIP is unnecessary for the ubiquitous deployment of IP based communications and applications but most of the IP community applauds the work of the SIP Forum. Regardless, service providers such as ANPI, will find the reducing the interoperability issues will save time in turning up services and we can shift the focus of our SIP engineering resources to continual performance improvements and new feature development.
  3. Video – initially, video was viewed as primarily for entertainment through content providers such as YouTube and Netflix. Moreover, through the efforts of Skype, FaceTime and Hangouts, video is widely available to consumers for communicating with family and friends. These video services are also found as useful by many businesses, in particular those operating in Asia, South America and Europe. However, in 2013 businesses should see the expanded deployment of video as a service (VaaS) by service providers. In addition to providing a platform for communication, VaaS will support collaboration between workers and partners, monitoring of systems, processes and interactivity between users and support telepresence, video conferencing with QoS, webcasting and both traditional and new broadcast services. Furthermore, with VaaS, smaller ILECs and RLECs will discover new opportunities to resell such services to their business customer base.

Come back for 4-7 on Thursday.

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