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In my travels I have looked for Dark Fiber research. I have not found much of anything for the current state of long haul in the US. I have not found much actual research on regional fiber either although that is a bit easier to get raw data on. I have found a good bit of informaiton on the need for and lack of fiber to wireless/cellular towers.

This report from ABIresearch  runs the gamut from T1/E1, Microwave, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over Fiber, to CATV. 

The NPRG Report overview is particularly telling...

"Consumer enthusiasm for mobile web services and rich media applications is accelerating, and will continue to do so as 4G services like WiMAX and LTE become widespread. But given the physical limitations of legacy TDM access circuits, wireless carriers are looking to backhaul alternatives to meet
projected demand.

Wireless Backhaul Market Study provides an in-depth look at how this "perfect storm" of rising subscriber demand and limited network capacity has created unique opportunities. This is the ideal time for CLECs, cable MSOs and fiber network operators to carve out their own section of the incumbent-dominated backhaul arena. The report also details the strategic activities of mobile carriers and backhaul providers, offering NPRG's analysis and projections on the explosion of incremental revenue well into 2013."

There may be some disbelief as to a shortage of available fiber for lease in the long haul, but there certainly does not seem to be any argument that fiber to the tower is lacking today.
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