Allied Fiber goes to Washington DC

Things are going quite well and we expect to have our formal comments submitted to the NTIA by April 13th.

The timing and process of the NTIA, RUS and FCC Comments has been terrific for Allied FIber. Without us having to do anything several groups, associations, cooperatives and the like all throughout the US submitted for public record their perspectives on what is needed in the US to stimulate broadband awareness, use and deployment. With very few exceptions their Comments included provisions for "middle-mile" and "backhaul" requirements in order to link the last-mile networks with the major interconnection points in the Country. 

This is obviously something we know a great deal about and have based our plan on it. Nothing could have been better for Allied Fiber and its business model and philosophy. Essentially our model was validated by all of those that are trying to make the NTIA, RUS and FCC aware of the lack of and hence need for these critical network components (dark fiber, neutral colo huts and neutral cell towers) and at the same time we collected several very clear, indirect endorsements of our plan from strong sources in the industry.

More to come...
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