Allied Fiber's National Broadband Plan Comments

In keeping with our pursuit of creating a totally new physical layer architecture for communications networks Allied Fiber submitted its Comments to the FCC in the matter of a National Broadband Plan.

In Summary:

The national broadband plan first and foremost should be a blueprint for the widest possible deployment of the national broadband infrastructure over which all applications and content will ride. The infrastructure consists of three components -- last mile broadband networks to homes and businesses, middle mile facilities that connect last mile networks to the global Internet, and the Internet core, which consists of regional, national, and international networks that provide global Internet connectivity. The national broadband plan should address all three components and set forth the architecture as well as standard business model conditions for their seamless integration, operation, and use.

- Although this is overly Internet related, it is so due to the overwhelming popularity of the Internet and its seemingly synonomus relationship with the term and concept of broadband. Too much is made of the Internet and not enough of physical access to it for many to realize that the root issues are in the ducts and dark fiber. 

Beyond just realizing the critical role of the physical layer though is the absolutely essential component of the business model. That is of course predicated on there being a business in place to own, operate and manage the physical assets.  How that business conducts itself is of the utmost importance for if it is improper the physical assets are ultimately a waste. Considering this first will set the right course. Without it there is no need to spend the hundreds of millions of dollars necessary to create the physical assets as they essentially will not exist for the good of the many.

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