Encryption with No Prior Shared Secrets

ZRTP is a protocol that does not require prior shared secrets. It doesn't need a public key infrastructure (PKI). What happens instead? Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman keys are automated at the beginning of each session start. You no longer have to depend upon a trusted third-party. Brian West completed successful setup and availability of ZRTP in one day. Of course, he says this was nothing big and he got a few pointers from Tony. But, I say, this says a lot for the flexibility of FreeSWITCH and Brian West's modesty.

Listen to a conversation between me and Michael Collins on the DIDX podcast channel about ZRTP and FreeSWITCH. Michael began working more closely with the FreeSWITCH development team in December 2008, but he's been involved in the community for quite a while.  And so what is ZRTP? How does it related to SRTP? How does SRTP and ZRTP protect our phone conversations? What devices support ZRTP? 

This is just a teaser. Mix directly with Michael Collins, Brian West, Anthony Minessale and other open source developers (and monetizers) at Cluecon Aug 4-6, 2009 at the Wyndham Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. 

Other podcasts with FreeSWITCH:
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How does your product stand up to Zfone, created by Phil Zimmerman, which also uses the zrtp protcol?

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