Telesphere Bought UBN

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Telesphere Bought UBN

Per an FCC Announcement (below) Telesphere has bought Unity Business Network. I knew that they were in talks and I thought after Telesphere's $15M in funding that they would buy UBN up. This was kind of easy since both are Broadsoft based. Ah, finally some consolidation in the VOIP Provider space.

Released: 08/25/2009. DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATION FILED FOR THE ACQUISITION OF ASSETS OF UNITY BUSINESS NETWORKS L.L.C. BY TELEPSHERE NETWORKS LTD. (DA No. 09-1875). (Dkt No 09-150 ) STREAMLINED PLEADING CYCLE ESTABLISHED. Comments Due: 09/08/2009. Reply Comments Due: 09/15/2009. WCB . Contact: Tracey Wilson-Parker at (202) 418-1394 or Jodie May at (202) 418-0913.
"The FCC is asked to assign Unity BN's domestic interstate common carrier transmission lines to Telesphere. Unity BN, an Arizona limited liability company, is authorized as a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in Colorado and Minnesota and also provides inter-state Voice over Internet Protocol and data services in Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon. Telesphere, a Washington state corporation, provides interstate services throughout the U.S. .... Pursuant to the terms of the proposed transaction, Telesphere Access, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company and wholly owned subsidiary of Telesphere, will acquire Unity BN's CLEC assets. Telepshere will acquire substantially all of Unity BN's other assets, including any domestic section 214 authority."

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