Wasted Ad Dollars

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Wasted Ad Dollars

So we have television ads running constantly from auto insurance carriers. State Farm, GIECO and Progressive are running massive ad campaigns that I have seen on TV shows, the NFL, web, and direct mail.

It's basically become too annoying. How can they all be cheapest?

Imagine spending millions on marketing your company as the cheapest. It's not very creative. It's broadcasting that you don't have a value statement. (It also says that your CMO is not a leader). Won't many consumers think you are all liars?

This is what telecom companies do all the time. The Duopoly price war over triple play is based on Price as well. Why? Because consumers dislike the service from cable and ILEC. Neither bundle is remarkable. The difference the channel lineup.

I get that we are in a recession and the predominant thought on consumers minds is cutting costs. You know what else they want? Value. Time. Easy. Stuff that works. Peace of mind.

Most TV ads make me think that the marketing firms are condescending, thinking that I am dumb. Then I remember it's not aimed at me. It's aimed at the masses.

Don't waste your ad dollars on a campaign like that. Push your Value statement on a target market (not the mass market) that will listen>

I wonder why the insurance companies haven't used some of that marketing budget on a referral program instead? Just a thought.

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