You Can't Win on Price

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You Can't Win on Price

Another call today about a cable company stealing the deal because they are giving away the network. You can not compete on price!

The RBOC's have ceded the sub-$500 wireline market to the cablecos. VZ wants to clip the copper, which would destroy the DSL market - what there is it of it.


So stop trying! Selling means providing Value. It means offering a package of servcies that is so attractive to the prospect that they will buy it despite it costing 25% more.

Clearly, straight transport or transit comes down to commodity pricing, but when it is a bundle of services, you have to out market the cablecos. You have to Out SELL them. If not, you clearly suck at selling or don't understand your job. Offering transport or transit at the low price is order taking, not selling.

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