FCC is Busy!

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FCC is Busy!


The FCC is really busy!

The FCC is still working on Inter-Carrier Compensation. It ordered Rural Call Completion.

It approved TWC's $3B bid for Insight. "Time Warner Cable last August agreed to buy Insight for $3 billion in cash. The nation's No. 2 cable operator will acquire control of Insight by merging Insight into Derby Merger Sub Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TWC, with Insight as the surviving entity, according to the FCC. Insight will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of TWC," according to Multi-Channel.

The FCC is looking for comments on NFL Black out. (So is the Florida Legislature, since the stadiums are publicly supported.) 16 games blacked out this year included 7 by my Bucs. That's not any way to treat fans or build up a fan base.

Engadget reports, "Back in December, the FCC approved the first white space device and database for the lucky city of Wilmington, North Carolina....Spectrum Bridge finally launched its TV White Space (TVWS) network in Carolina, as part of Wilmington's ongoing "Smart City" initiative."

The Lifeline program for low-income households has also been re-vamped by this Commission. There is a $25 million pilot program for Lifeline for broadband to see if there are cost savings. [PCworld]

Clearly, the FCC is working on a lot of business. Here are some other topics:

A lot to keep track of.

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