Not So Shocking News

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Not So Shocking News


The FCC approved the merger of Comcast and NBCU (announcement pdf here) "with conditions and enforceable commitments", whatever that means, since its enforcement history has been simply laughable in fostering any competition at all.

"As part of the merger, Comcast-NBCU will be required to take affirmative steps to foster competition in the video marketplace. In addition, Comcast-NBCU will increase local news coverage to viewers; expand children's programming; enhance the diversity of programming available to Spanish-speaking viewers; offer broadband services to low-income Americans at reduced monthly prices; and provide high-speed broadband to schools, libraries and underserved communities, among other public benefits."

I agree with FCC Commish Copps, "But all the majority's efforts--diligent though they were--to ameliorate these harms cannot mask the truth that this Comcast-NBCU joint venture grievously fails the public interest. I searched in vain for the benefits." Haven't we seen enough Too-Big-To-Fail?? A cableco owning a lot of content will not be good for consumers or competition. Again I ask, why do we even have the FCC any more? Oh, wait I know.

The FCC is set to auction off 125 MHz of TV spectrum for mobile broadband. That means that the big 4 cellcos - T-Mobiel, Sprint, VZW and Ma Bell - can buy more spectrum. Of course, the TV broadcasters are fighting the FCC on taking their spectrum. It's not their spectrum any more than it is the cellcos spectrum. But whatever. If they auction off this spectrum, what happens to the unlicensed white spaces?

Meanwhile, the House Energy & Commerce Committee's Communications and Technology Subcommittee is set to hold a hearing on the Net Neutrality rules and "Abuse of Authority and Process". Should be fun. More fun than trying to fix things.

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