T-Mobile Layoffs Called FCC's Fault

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T-Mobile Layoffs Called FCC's Fault

This makes me laugh. AT&T's SEVP for external and legislative affairs, Cicconi, wrote a post for AT&T's Public Policy blog last week that again attacked the FCC. AT&T blames any T-Mobile Layoffs on the FCC.


It's not the fault of T-Mobile management who have not steered the ship in 2 years?

It's not the fact that once the LOI was signed, the culture at T-Mobile - already at a low - went down the drain and the smart people left in droves? That's the FCC's fault?

It isn't AT&T's fault for lying to the US government for why they wanted to buy T-Mobile?

It wasn't the fault of both corporate cultures that had such poor customer service and shoddy network service that a merger would have been a horrible prospect for any and all customers?


AT&T mismanaged its network, didn't acquire enough spectrum, and didn't plan ahead. So it's the FCC's fault? The ONE time the FCC (and the DOJ) says No to you, AT&T, (the ONE time) and you whine like the spoiled brat that you are, Cicconi? Grow up.

The monopoly mindset of your company is the biggest threat that your stock faces, right next to that huge pile of debt - $69 Billion - hanging over your head.

Your stock is screwed. But blaming the FCC won't help. Triple play is expensive to deploy and deliver and that pie is flat or declining, just like wireline revenues. Now your savior - wireless - is facing a similar fate: expensive to deploy and flat revenues in a pie that is flat. Meanwhile, VZW is eating your lunch and conspiring with SpectrumCo to really kick your ass. Great planning by the way. I wouldn't let a SVP at AT&T plan my birthday party.

You can always work out a deal to wholesale from CLEAR - or maybe call Charlie at DISH, since he just got FCC approval.

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