Let's Clear Up AT&T 4G

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Let's Clear Up AT&T 4G


So AT&T bought more 700 MHz spectrum; this time from Qualcomm for almost $2B. This was Qualcomm's spectrum from its FloTV project that used analog TV spectrum. In 2007, AT&T skipped the FCC spectrum auction to pay $2.5B for 700 MHz spectrum from Aloha Partners. [Phonescoop has a map of the 700 spectrum.]  So AT&T is shoring up 700 MHz spectrum for its 3G and later 4G/LTE service. VZW bought spectrum in the last FCC auction in the 700 MHz sector, but it came with a stipulation for open access. (I hope the FCC remembers to police that).  700 MHz spectrum is much wanted because it is long range and can penetrate buildings. It is much needed in order to add bandwidth to the 3G-4G-LTE-WiMax networks in the US.  UPDATE: The Big 2 Cellcos have a majority of the spectrum (see here).

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