I am Not a Social Media Guru

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I am Not a Social Media Guru

I don't spend all day with my nose in Facebooking, tweeting, pinning.

I don't spend hours each week trialing new schemes on social media platforms.

I understand that social media is just one component of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Social media only makes sense if you have a goal and your target demographic use the platform. Would you use an all billboard strategy for your business? Then why would you think that twitter is going to work as a stand-alone tactic?

TV ads still work for mass media. They work even better when the ads are emotional and are also available on YouTube. Some campaigns have gotten traction by pushing TV audiences to websites or social media platforms (or both).

Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish (that can be measured).

Are you driving traffic to your blog?

Are you engaging your current customer for added support?

Are you trying to generate leads?

These are all different strategies that require planning because none of it can be done in a vacuum.

Remember: it is all marketing. Social media are just a new set of tools like radio, TV, print ads and billboards.

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