What Happened to LinkedIn?

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What Happened to LinkedIn?

This week there have been two posts on my feed about "We can connect but don't spam me!" The discussion was the same on booth threads: "that is cold calling / social selling". Well, no it isn't. If you did the exact same thing at a face to face event, no one would come near you.

Show some creativity AND Patience. Spamming is just lazy. (So are auto-DMs on twitter. Just because you can automate doesn't mean you should.)

One of the congratulations messages that came in to me was a solicitation to advertise for $15K. Not only unsolicited -- off target. And I know this person IRL.

The feeds on LinkedIn look more and more like Facebook. People if you can't separate business from personal this might explain your work/life balance issues. It also might explain why you can't get work done in a timely matter. Time Management at its core is about focus.

Recently, LinkedIn sent me a notice about only connecting to people I know. That's funny because if that was the case we would all have less than 400 connections. Also, that notice flies in the face of most users AND how LinkedIn makes money!

And what happened to discussion on LI? The groups are dead.

I examined at least 35 posts on three groups (UC Insights and Channel Partners and Telecom Professionals). Engagement is Rare!

Engagement is demonstrated mostly by Likes, rarely a comment on these groups. However, all of the posts are just headlines from articles or blog posts. It is all just click-bait. And that is annoying to everyone.

On the UC group, CommsTrader, AT&T and other corporate communicators just blast stuff here (and elsewhere) hoping for clicks and likes. CommsTrader actually tweets to the group. (His tweets post to the LI group.) It is awful.

Overall it has become nothing more than an online Rolodex (contact management tool). I think recruiters - who were the customer target for Reid Hoffman - started abusing it, but then Marketers got involved and those lazy bums ruined it for everyone.


SIDE NOTE: LinkedIn explained in memes.

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