The Ridiculousness of My Cloud

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The Ridiculousness of My Cloud

"Finally a cloud of your own" by Western Digital. You can watch the commercial here. WD My Cloud personal cloud storage is a funny idea. People can't secure their home wireless router. They don't update or use anti-virus software. "40% of all US households that have been affected by viruses," according to Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. "Malware infects 30 percent of computers in U.S.," via this article.

So tell me how the average user is going to protect his personal cloud??? The number two top passwords are "password" and "123456"!

Cloud companies and blue chips like Target can't prevent security breaches but My Cloud personal storage running off my cable modem is going to be effective?

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long while.

At least, the iCloud is attached to your device.

And yes I know that Google drive and Dropbox probably have similar top passwords, but at least someone is watching.

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