4 Moves in January

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4 Moves in January


Colocation provider, FiberMedia Group, combined with Bay Area Internet Services under the new name: vXchnge. BAIC was acquired by the Stephens Group, which also owns FiberMedia.

FYI, a nice chart of the top retail colocation companies. Equinix is at about $2B of annual revenue at the top of this space and Savvis is second at approximately $1 Billion. The two combine to hold 26% of the total pie (of about $12B)

FireEye Lands Mandiant in Mega $1 Billion Security Deal . Since security and privacy will be the number 1 priority in 2014, this deal makes a lot of sense. It is $100M in cash and the rest in stock.

Indie buys into cloud, chapter 10. Otelco, an independent LEC bought a cloud managed services business, Reliable Networks. The interesting part is that Otelco "recently emerged from bankruptcy". This is the uninteresting part: they "see the movement into IT and cloud services as a natural progression for the restructured company." Wireline plus cloud and IT is novel, right? Otelco operates in new England, Alabama and Missouri. That's pretty stretched out. At least, they can centralize the cloud services.

TDS will re-brand in 2014. TDA will rename its Hosted and Managed Services (HMS) subsidiary OneNeck IT Solutions LLC. TDS has been building up its HMS biz with acquisitions for quite a few years - usingthe same formula as Windstream and others. The acquisitions include Those acquisitions included VISI, TEAM Technologies, OneNeck IT Services, Vital Support Systems and MSN Comm. TDS is an ILEC (the seventh largest local exchange telephone company in the US) and a CLEC (like WIND). [VISI and MSN had data centers that TDS now owns.] TDS also is 80% owner of US Cellular, the 5th largest US cellco. In 2013, TDS acquired Baja Broadband, a cable system with 71K subs and passes 214K homes for $267.5 million. Divested is one way to put. Looking like a little AT&T is a better way to see it.

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