What I Read Over the Weekend

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What I Read Over the Weekend

This could have been a good case study article if it had been more specific. Instead it is full of vague assumptions. Not helpful at all.

AT&T is adding cities in NC to its U-Verse with GigaPower. I wonder if this is a response to TWC buying DukeNet there.

Verizon Wireless looking to buy Dish Network's spectrum [Reuters]. It came out of the NY Post; the article is so vague that it doesn't even mention what spectrum. Chalk it up to #rumor by bankers.

21 charts about the US changes. I know these graphs are someone's representation / view / spin, but take it at face value that some observations are true, like we are a more diverse population and the population is getting older. To quote Tom Peters: start marketing to the diversity and the Boomers!

#14 - "The US economy has undergone a fundamental shift: it has moved from a more goods-focused economy to a service-based economy." I see that the Internet helps to spin our economy (or at least the market caps of a number of companies), so why is Congress, the courts and the two F agencies, letting any corporation muck with it?

#15 - "Speaking of productivity, the American worker just keeps getting better and better at boosting the economy, thanks largely to technology. American workers are creating more and more economic value, but they're not getting paid accordingly. Productivity has climbed steadily over the last decade, but compensation hasn't followed suit." I don't think anyone can argue that point, but I am certain someone will try.

#6 - We are more Politically Polarized than ever before. "A 2014 report from the Pew Research Center found that the two man political parties are drifting further from each other ideologically. Americans are far more likely to be consistently conservative or consistently liberal than they were 10 or 20 years ago." And we tend to only listen to people we agree with and ignore differing opinions, which means that this will only get worse.

"Largely because of our aging population, there's going to be a growing need for more healthcare workers in the US economy over the next 10 years....Home health aides and personal care aides, both of which are going to grow by around 50 percent, are also remarkably low-paid jobs, with median annual pay of around $20,000 each." In a consumer service based economy, when people can't buy stuff, the economic engine grinds to a halt. Henry Ford knew that.

#17 - "We're staying unemployed for an unusually, terribly long amount of time." The skills for jobs that pay well have changed - perhaps outpacing the unemployed. Plus many jobs have been automated out of the organization. (The new burger maker machine will even automate the low wage jobs at fast food. then what?)

This slide deck is about technology's influence on the workplace (which could be about BYOD and other stuff). What it said to me is that if you are selling cloud as a replacement for premise, you are wasting your time. Cloud is an improvement over premise. Get that straight right from the beginning, chum.

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