What If Cable Didn't Sell TV?

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What If Cable Didn't Sell TV?

"Leichtman Research Group (LRG) says the largest U.S. cable TV operators now have more high speed access customers than they do video customers, according to Bruce Leichtman, LRG president and principal analyst." [telecompetitor]

In a conversation today, a cable exec said, "What if cable didn't sell cable TV any more?" Great question!

Cablecos make more profit on broadband and voice than they do on TV. TV content is becoming a big pain in the ass to negotiate. (How many blackouts have there been?) TV content comes in packages now of multiple channels - many of which no one would every willingly pay for - yet these channels must be paid for to get the few channels that everyone wants.

Is this a sustainable model?

Cablecos have to add authentication so subscribers can view content online. There are fights over network DVRs and IPTV and mobile TV. Is it worth the hassle?

Cablecos are closing more deals in business with TV for the lobby and waiting room.

AT&T is buying DirecTV to negotiate for content. What will FiOS do?

"The top cable TV providers had 49,915,000 broadband subscribers at the end of the second quarter of 2014, compared to about 49,910,000 cable TV subscribers."

What would happen to the TV industry if cable stopped selling TV? Poof!

Not going to happen since we have to entertain the masses or the world ends.

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