Tidbits and Interesting Things Part 140

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Tidbits and Interesting Things Part 140

Some interesting services around the sector.

ADTRAN has field services that ITSP's can hire to perform site surveys and install Hosted VoIP deployments. (No idea about cabling, but that seems to be an issue for national providers. Local or regional providers tend to offer cabling for a price.)

As security takes a stage in Enterprise, Level3 is alone in offering DDoS mitigation solutions. Black Lotus had a booth at the channel show pimping out its own " effective Layer 7 attack mitigation strategy."

On L3: integration with tw telecom is going well. Only a 5% head count loss so far. More channel managers will be deployed to assist agents / partners. Dynamic Bandwidth will be coming to the whole network soon for MPLS and Private Line.

Voice, PCI DSS compliance, MPLS over DSL - these are things that New Edge brought to EarthLink and which EarthLink has decided to leverage into the retail vertical. Breach Protection for PCI 3.0 comes from a third party but offers stores $100K of insurance per location. Guest wi-fi, blended access methods, analytics and managed security were the next wave of products to join the retail bundles. EarthLink is taking a comprehensive look at the retail ecosystem to handle logging, analytics, monitoring, BYOD, servers and more. I know I have written about their Secure Storefront before but it is nice to see a CLEC take such an approach to a vertical instead of doing the We-are-everything-to-everyone approach that even AT&T and Verizon can no longer pull off.

Understanding the Retail Data Breach from EarthLink.

The Top Five Security Threats To Your Business via Level3

Keeping on our security theme, Masergy released a cloud router. Basically, the router is not on-premise but in the network adding continuity and enhancing the premise based gear. Because SDN (software defined network) is mentioned, some folks are going to be giddy.

Netwolves has gone beyond networks services by adding, first, managed services and then professional services. By partnering with Palo Alto Networks, IBM and Riverbed, they have been able to add depth in their managed offerings - malware + intrusion + breach detection, WAN optimization, and more - throughout the network ecosystem for mid-sized businesses and enterprise. Their slide deck from CP Expo was pretty well done.

Rackspace was a new booth (for me) at CP Expo. So was Vodia, a new white-label hosted VoIP offering that is based on Vodia that includes WebRTC support.

MetTel was telling me about their blended 4G bucket from MetTelMobile.com. Utilizing contracts from all four 4G players, MetTel allows for a blended bucket of data for business users (also known as cross carrier pooling). Mobile device management from Airwatch is no charge for its mobile clients. Coverage also includes Puerto Rico. The portal provides real-time views of spending patterns, company-wide asset distribution, billing history, ticketing, and M/A/C/D.

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