The Scoop on TDMobility

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The Scoop on TDMobility

I spoke with Brian Kosoy, PR manager for Tech Data, and Charles Kriete, the Executive Vice President of TDMobility. Kriete is also the founder of the company that developed some of the key technology (CellManage) in TDMobility. His company was acquired by the joint venture between Tech Data and Brightstar. TDmobility launched recently as a way for VAR's to offer cellular service - handsets, devices, netbooks, tablets, mifi - to their customer base through Tech Data. Give it a listen. (embedded Flash player)


There are 2 sections. TDActivate acts just like an authorized dealer does for cellular products. Pick your device, pick your plan, activate it through the carrier - all through a TDMobility. It is not a true MVNO. It all goes through the carriers - AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

TDCellManage is the MDM or mobile device management platform. It is similar to a TEM model, where you can see the carrier billing, the devices, the contracts. It can be more as a solutions and software pillar to provide applications control on the device, email security, remote security (like wipe), desktop virtualization and anti-virus. RIM, Good and AirWatch software is available. This is the value that the VAR can add over an authorized agent, Best Buy Mobile or Amazon.

It's all about Management - managed servcies, TEM (telecom expense mgmt) or MDM (mobile device mgmt). Get in the game!

Download the mp3 here.

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