What Happens in Vegas

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What Happens in Vegas

At the Channel Partners Expo in Vegas, rumors are running wild. Metaswitch-Genband being settled in patent court. Polycom-Mitel cuz money.

Another Broadsoft client gets bought. MagicJack (yes, magicjack) decides to over-bid in order to not be the bridesmaid again. MJ pays $42M for Broadsmart. That is more than three times revenue!

Unlike EC16 last week, no one is saying Slack or Spark or HCS. So the enterprise story doesn't translate to channel? But providers want to move up-market .... via the channel? So should the messaging be similar?

More M&A: NETXUSA, a value added distributor that distributes a lot of Polycom, was bought by Ingram Micro. Ingram wanted to get into the space and NETXUSA has a nifty phone provisioning platform that Ingram wants (a la Parallels moves). Ingram is being bought by HNA in China.

This show has two themes: SD-WAN and UCaaS. Both terms everyone is already tiring of.

When talking to service providers, the single biggest problem seems to be messaging, which could translate into Branding or could be Differentiation. One person even said, "Do we really need another VoIP provider? When are they going to start consolidating?" It seems that way because most sound the same and chase the whole market. No wonder they say that partners just get 5 quotes and sell on price.

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