And Who Else Got Acquired?

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And Who Else Got Acquired?

Who knew that Microsoft acquired 22 companies since January 2015? Here are six: Equivio, Revolution Analytics, Adollum, VoloMetrix and Secure Islands. And don't forget Swiftkey.

Ingram Micro is being acquired By Tianjin Tianhai to become a part of HNA Group. The transaction is valued at approximately $6.0 billion, or $38.90 Per Share. Ingram has $40B in global revenue; $18B in US revenue annually and non-GAAP net income of ~ $280M. Razor thin margin business. Ingram has been struggling to transition to a cloud services platform, including buying the former Parallels middleware, Odin. Looks like execs said, This is too hard! Let's sell and pull our golden parachutes."

This may not work out because of TEAM TELECOM and the current state of DC (see NTY piece).

ADT in $6.9 Billion Deal to Sell Itself to Apollo Buyout Firm. And Apollo plans to merge ADT with Protection 1 because scale and synergies (RIF).

IBM is, in looking to grow its Watson Health business, is acquiring its fourth company. With this "$2.6 billion purchase of Truven Health Analytics, which has data on the cost and treatment of more than 200 million patients", IBM Watson has spent $4B since last April." [NYT]

"Dialogic has announced a new acquisition, and with it new application offerings. With the purchase of APEX Communications, Inc., Dialogic can now bring real-time communications applications to its service provider customers, allowing these providers to increase their profitability while enhancing customer satisfaction." [UCStrat]

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