The Desk Phone is Not Done .. Yet

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The Desk Phone is Not Done .. Yet

OBIHAI, Grandstream, Yealink, Yeastar and VoIP Supply were just a few of the booths at ITEXPO with desk phones. While many say that the desk phone is over, there are still companies that say Not So Fast! They were pretty much hanging out in Ft Lauderdale last week.

  • Lucid Phones (more than just VoIP phones, surveillance and IP pagers)
  • KonfTel is offering a speakerphone to replace Polycom
  • Digium showcased its D80 touch screen phone
  • HTek UC900 series phones
  • Flying Voice wireless desk phones (Look, Ma! No wires!) They also make ATAs.
  • Denwa was there selling phones - and doorbells.
  • Akuvox has a knock off of the Doorbot aka Ring
  • ABP is a distributor with lots of surveillance stuff.
  • 888VoIP is another distributor. (No one has taken over the spot of NETXUSA since Ingram acquired them, but 888VoIp is trying.) Besides VoIP gear, Edgewater, Patton, Yealink and 3CX, they rep SimpleWAN.
  • Xorcom displayed its PBX systems along with Epygi.

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