Telecom Tidbits # 2457

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Telecom Tidbits # 2457

Some help with Robocalls. Pass it along.

Private equity firm, TPG, last year acquired RCN and Grande. Now they are grabbing Wave Broadband in the Northwest for $2.36B. They will combine all 3 - Wave, Grande and RCN - to make a larger MSO. The PR says that they will be the 6th largest MSO, leap-frogging Altice. Altice owns Suddenlink and Cablevision. Comcast and AT&T have 22M and 25M respectively. The Top 4 all have more than 10M pay TV subs. After that it is splitting hairs with VZ at 4.6M to Altice with 3.6M at number 7. TPG's exit strategy will likely be Altice buying them.

WISP Redzone claims it has developed a "fixed wireless spectrum aggregation technology that can support broadband speeds of up to 400 Mbps per customer", according to press. Google Fiber must be excited.

Mitel has been making noise since early last year when it tried to buy Polycom. Now it is scooping up the assets that Toshiba is leaving behind as Toshiba exits the phone business.

Mitel also announced that it had broken 3 million users. According to investor presentations, Mitel has 3.2 million cloud users but only 588,000 recurring seats. To put that into perspective, Microsoft found 25 million subscribers for Office 365 (although the take rate is slowing to 900K per quarter). Broadsoft claims 15M cloud lines but that includes SIP trunks. Vonage is over 600K seats and 8x8 is close to that.

The details can be found in the 2017 Hosted VoIP/UC Market Report for the US, which was just released. See here.

Jive Software was acquired for $462M. That is a social collaboration software company based in Portland; not the UCaaS provider out of Utah called Jive Communications.

Amazon released Chime (a Webex clone) and cloud contact center. Now with Alexa devices it is taking over the speakerphone market. A few VoIP companies have integrated into Alexa for voice enabled dialing (something we need in cars!). Only a matter of time before Amazon gets into the dial-tone replacement game in conjunction with Twilio.


Panterra Networks doesn't do marketing. It's a shame really. They have a better than average UC application that is secure (encrypted), HIPAA compliant and 24/7 hack monitored. It produces one contact management file without duplicates. Added Teams with the release of Streams, which integrates UC, team messaging, file sharing and analytics into a single customizable platform. Worth a look.

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