Some Thoughts for the Day (Part 2455)

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Some Thoughts for the Day (Part 2455)

Despite growing 93 percent from a year ago, Microsoft's Azure hasn't made a dent in Amazon's share of the $10 billion cloud market, according to Synergy Research. Amazon's AWS held steady at 33 percent of the worldwide market share of cloud infrastructure service providers in the first quarter, according to Synergy. And though it grew just 43 percent in the first quarter, Amazon's cloud revenue is more than the next five providers combines, Synergy estimates.

It isn't a sprint. It isn't about just growth. It is about steady growth and customer experience. Also, product-market/fit.

On LinkedIn this morning, there were at least 3 posts from channel managers closing business for their partners. If the channel managers are closing business, that is a better use of time than recruiting. And maybe a trainer is needed to teach sales skills and product to both channel managers and partners to keep those skills and knowledge fresh.

The other topic on LinkedIn this morning: SD-WAN. All generic info being shared under the umbrella of the vendors. This is not a good start to content marketing. This is not a good start to branding and positioning.

Seth Godin is giving a 100 day online marketing seminar. Take it!!!!

CenturyLink data centers were acquired by a group of private equity firms (Medina Capital and BC Partners) for $2.8B. This group will combine the 57 data centers with four cyber-security and data analytics portfolio companies to form Cyxtera. (Who picked that name?) The CEO of Medina Capital will be running the new firm and he used to be CEO of Terremark.

Verizon closed on the sales of their data centers (formerly Terremark) to Equinix this week. Windstream sold theirs to Tierpoint a while ago.

The divestiture of data centers by Windstream, Verizon and Centurylink does not represent a bad position for data centers. It means that the telcos didn't have the skills to leverage DCIM. The data center market is hot and growing. Inter-connection, peering, colocation and cloud computing infrastructure (IAAS, PAAS, VM, Hosting) are all in demand right now. Data center construction is growing by 8% per year.

Polycom was acquired by a PE firm. Many top execs have left. One went to Star2Star. This week the CMO went to Intermedia.Net.

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