Researching Hatch Chiles and Next Generation IP Technology

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Researching Hatch Chiles and Next Generation IP Technology

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Next Generation IP Technology

While Broadvox is a small company with just under 100 employees, we have a very good presence in the world of SIP and SIP Trunking. We maintain that presence by adding innovative products and features to our service offering on a regular basis. This week I intend to give you a glimpse of the research and develop taking place in Dallas, Cleveland and Russia. We are looking at new technologies, Operations Support Systems (OSS), Business Process Management (BPM) and the evolution of SIP. We will see if I can give a good overview in two weeks without giving away our product strategy or marketplace secrets. But, there are a few obvious areas for us to conduct R&D and I can hint towards others. For example, we like many other ITSPs, keep an eye towards IPv6 and are making preparations to deploy when necessary.

Oh, you ask, "What is IPv6?"

So, let's begin our discussion of Broadvox's R&D there on Wednesday by answering that question. See you then.

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