Up to 70% Savings...Case Study III

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Up to 70% Savings...Case Study III

Wednesday's case study was a single location with a leased IP PBX and GO!Anywhere service. This case study is interesting as the customer already had an IP PBX, Cisco Call Manager, and VoIP infrastructure. This was a very similar environment to a question I got at IT Expo last year regarding the value of replacing traditional PSTN terminations with a completed VoIP infrastructure. Her incumbent carrier had informed the questioner that it would not be cost effective to replace their TDM service agreement with an IP service agreement. She noted that the enterprise met its cost savings objectives by developing their intra-enterprise VoIP infrastructure. At the time, we did not have this particular study in place. However, today I am able to tell anyone interested in replacing their TDM terminations with VoIP/SIP Trunk terminations, that the savings can exceed 50%.

Case Study III is an enterprise with offices in multiple states and Canada. Their goal is to centralize call management, consolidate their billing, save money and unlock the true value of the deployed converged network. While the proposal was under development, providing service to their telecommuting workforce became a priority. The prospects concern was providing 911 call support to telecommuting workers while maintaining a single SIP Trunk.


With locations in California, New York, Connecticut and Ontario, Canada more than 40% of their

employees work outside a major or branch office resulting in bills from over 50 service providers reinforcing the need for bill consolidation. The average long distance charge for the company offices and workers in the US and Canada was four cents per minute. Broadvox quoted and deployed  GO!Anywhere with 30 Concurrent Call Sessions, 30 DIDs, E911 for all workers, and Directory Listing. The G.729 Codec offering compressed voice was selected to maximize their bandwidth savings. Ultimately, they replaced four PRIs with a single T1 and were able to provide the same level of call support as the previous environment. You can review the details of the case study at our site. However, the result was a savings of over $33,000 per year or 70% over their previous cost. Since this case study is based strictly on actual savings, it does not include employee productivity gains through bill consolidation, access to new features and the advantage of more telecommuting workers. A total cost of ownership analysis would result in even greater cost savings.


For those of you interested in the broadband stimulus money, today is the last day to apply for the first round.


See you on Monday with a new recipe and more IP ecosystem news. Have a great weekend!

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