Writing the Customer a Monthly Check (Case Study I)

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Writing the Customer a Monthly Check (Case Study I)

A few months ago, I issued a blog that stated I would cover ROI and case studies developed by our VARs. We now have three very different case studies to share with our VARs, OEM partners and prospects. Generally, speaking we all understand and use case studies. However, it is worth noting that a case study is very different from a survey or market study. A survey focuses on what, who, where, how much, how many and how many more (the future trend). A case study is quantitative and more qualitative. When that context is understood by the presenter or proposal writer, the recipient of the case study information should view it as an example of use that can be applied to a broad group. The case study that follows looks at one thing only cost. It is not an attempt to examine how the VoIP/SIP Trunking solution was used.

Case Study I


A small to medium sized company in the Midwest was interested in migrating to IP Communications, they were hesitant to upgrade their communication system due to costs. This company had a single office with a monthly telecom expense of nearly $6000. They were on an older TDM phone system and required either an IAD or IP PBX to make the transition to VoIP/SIP Trunking. Their trusted VAR developed a proposal deploying a new IP PBX (the OEM shall not be named)to support approximately 175 users. Additionally, the VAR included Broadvox GO! SIP Trunking. One SIP Trunk with 48 , including 48 Concurrent Call Sessions, 100 DIDs, and 5 Toll-free numbers. They equipment was purchased using a 60-month Fair Market Value lease.


Leasing the IP PBX resulted in a monthly cost of $1,085.66. This cost was offset by switching their service from the incumbent TDM service provider to Broadvox. Local, long distance and toll-free calling was reduced from $5,811 per month to $2,109. Including the cost of the IP PBX, the prospect would save $2,617 every month. While some would refer to this as a return on investment (ROI), I like what one VAR told me he uses as a reference. He says, I am going to improve your telecom systems and write you a "check" to do so. In this case, the customer has a "check" for $2,617 every month to spend on other things than his phone bills. The annual savings is $31,404. You can download the complete case study to print or share.


Case Study III on Friday...


By the way, Nortel's chief executive, Mike Zafirovski, has stepped down following the company's bankruptcy. Please hold down on the cheering...

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