Deconstructing Curry and Broadband Statistics

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Deconstructing Curry and Broadband Statistics

It was great to be home for the weekend and cooking my favorite foods. For starters, on Friday we had my fried chicken. Sometimes I'll purchase chicken but after having been in New Orleans for a long a weekend and traveling to Denver for a couple of days, I longed to cook. The chicken was delicious. On Saturday, I made a breakfast of oven-baked croissants, with roasted Roma tomatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs. On Sunday as I tossed various ideas around, I realized that I had not shared with you my deconstructed curry recipe. I the meat for this can be either beef or lamb. I would make some subtle changes if using chicken or fish. For example, I would add either cream or coconut milk, depending upon my desires that day. Anyway, the point of deconstruction is that in general, curries use inexpensive meats that are braised to tender perfection. However, through deconstruction, I can use an expensive or high quality meat without destroying its unique flavors. While the recipe suggests using canned tomato sauce, I did make my own using wholes tomatoes run through a food mill. This required reducing the sauce, rather than adding a little chicken stock to thin it. Either way Beef Curry, Deconstructed should taste good. Enjoy!

Deconstructing Broadband Statistics

There is too much use of statistics to support the direction of political decisions rather than the development of political decisions. This week I intend to use the data collected by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), National Telecommunications Infrastructure Administration (NTIA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) to develop other considerations for the direction of the expansion of broadband in America. I am approaching this with an open mind and the data will determine my recommended course of action. Currently, the primary broadband initiatives in this country favor reducing broadband pricing, further expansion into rural areas, increasing broadband competition and increasing access speeds. Friday, I addressed the price of broadband as compared to global average salaries/income. The US is not over priced when cost/price is normalized are considered.  In fact, we are, as should be, much less expensive than developing nations and we are in the middle of the group of G7 members. Our position on the list of G7 members could be improved but given the nature of tax subsidies, competition and other government policies that influence price, I am comfortable with where we stand for the most part. The exception to this is the level of penetration for broadband usage in the US versus the G7. It is a little disconcerting that we rank last in this category. I hope that as I analyze numbers this week, we will understand why. Increasing the level of penetration, increasing the number of potential VoIP subscribers, businesses using SIP Trunking and expands the revenue opportunities for all members of the IP ecosystem, such as Broadvox.

See you on Wednesday with further deconstruction...

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