Broken City Knows Its Social Media

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Broken City Knows Its Social Media

Here is a trailer for the upcoming movie, “Broken City” starring Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones that I’ve seen on TV a lot in the past few weeks. Notice anything?

Reviews to promote movies were once reserved for notable publications, but this entire trailer is built on Twitter and viewers’ reviews. It’s a creative spin on promoting the movie through what “real” people are saying and encouraging the movie’s audience to give feedback on social media. The end of the trailer, the build up to the title of the movie, shows #BROKENCITY and a URL for  


This movie is just another example of how social media is becoming more prominent in our everyday lives and how it is a very effective marketing tool. Events, movies, products and companies are legitimized with taking advantage of the vast amounts of social media opportunities. The YouTube page for Broken City is completely decked out with a customized username, custom background and a playlist of ten videos, including interviews with Mark Wahlberg, the official trailer and other commercial spots for the film, and links to the film’s official website, Facebook page and Twitter page

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