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Rachel Ramsey
Graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Communication Studies
| Welcome to Social Spotlight! When I'm not covering a variety of technology and communications industries - everything from the cloud and VoIP to customer relationship management and data centers - you will find me on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, foursquare, YouTube, Tumblr... you name it, I'm there

January 2013

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Go Social at ITEXPO Miami

January 28, 2013

This week is ITEXPO Miami, an event that brings together developers, manufacturers, buyers, resellers and top technology company executives for a full schedule of keynote presentations, exhibitions and workshops. The TMC team has arrived and is preparing for hundreds of companies to join us for a great week of networking, showcasing and discussing technology innovations.

To keep up with the conference, make sure you stay tuned to these social media outlets:





  • Search the hashtag #ITEXPO for photos of the event.


  • Check in to ITEXPO Miami to show fellow attendees your location.


Facebook Graph Search - First Impressions

January 25, 2013

Thursday morning I was pleasantly surprised when I logged onto Facebook and was greeted with this message:

In case you have no idea what this is regarding, Facebook unveiled this feature, Graph Search, last week. Graph Search is a search engine built into the social network that allows you to search for information about your friends or public information Facebook users share. For example, you can search, “My friends who like football and HBO,” and the search results will be displayed.

Twitter Rolls Out Video Sharing Service Vine

January 24, 2013

“Ok Facebook. We’ll see your Instagram acquisition and raise you a video sharing service.”

Today, Twitter announced a new mobile service called Vine that lets you create a share “beautiful, short looping videos.” The key to the service is abbreviation – “Vines” are the shortened form of something longer. Like animated GIFs, Vine lets you share moving scenes and come with sound, and have a six-second maximum length.

A Very Viral 2013

January 18, 2013

We’re only 18 days into 2013 and have already had our fair share of viral Internet posts. These days, if you want to get something out to the world, it’s not unrealistic to try by rooting a post through social media. If you haven’t heard, a family of seven recently reached the spotlight with the five children’s quest to get one million Facebook likes in order to get a puppy. It only took about seven hours and the page has more than one million likes, and it also stemmed multiple spam replica accounts.

Pin It to Win It

January 17, 2013

Pinterest is amazing. I was introduced to the addicting social media site in 2010 and never turned back. Besides the fact that you are free to do whatever you can dream of – plan your wedding, get crafty, find recipes, laugh on the humor page all day or even catch up on news – there is a huge creative opportunity for companies to come up with marketing campaigns and contests to reach their customers. The main driving factor behind Pinterest is it’s an outlet for us to organize and get inspired about what we want to do in real life.

Broken City Knows Its Social Media

January 10, 2013

Here is a trailer for the upcoming movie, “Broken City” starring Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones that I’ve seen on TV a lot in the past few weeks. Notice anything?

Reviews to promote movies were once reserved for notable publications, but this entire trailer is built on Twitter and viewers’ reviews. It’s a creative spin on promoting the movie through what “real” people are saying and encouraging the movie’s audience to give feedback on social media.

Yo Quiero Taco Bell....On My Speedo

January 7, 2013

Interacting with customers on social media is a win-win situation. In addition to satisfying the customers' needs and giving them some bragging rights for earning a company’s recognition, the company itself also earns credit. People like companies that like their customers. When you respond, retweet, comment or like anything involving your customers, you are positioning yourself to succeed with consumers.