Taking Instagram to an Entirely New Level with Stop-Motion Video

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Taking Instagram to an Entirely New Level with Stop-Motion Video

Flip books and stop-motion videos have always really amazed me. It's a tedious process that takes a lot of patience and individual pieces (photos, drawings, props, etc) to come up with an overall creative masterpiece. Twitter's video sharing app Vine has inspired stop-motion videomakers over the past few months as we've seen an accumulation of six-second clips featuring creative animation and stop-motion videos.

Rumors about Instagram joining the world of video sharing applications have been circling around today's Facebook event, but some people are too impatient to hear for sure, and have taken matters into their own hands. An Instagram account by the name of Friends in Faux created a stop-motion video from 1,556 Instagram photos.

Overall, the video took about three weeks to produce. 

The creativity, ideas and ways that users and brands continue to embrace social media platform capabilities inspires me every day. We'll see if Instagram rolls out a video sharing service itself, but until then, you'll have to resort to other options like Vine or the ways of Friends in Faux if you want to make a stop-motion video. 
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