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My name is Tsahi Levent-Levi and I work as a Product Manager at RADVISION. Here, I also write a blog called "VoIP Survivor" as part of RADVISION's company blogs.

When I was approached by Greg Galitzine with the offer of having my own blog on the TMCnet blog network, there was no real debate on whether or not to accept the offer - it was just a matter of choosing the right topic. During the past 10 years at RADVISION, I've been working on various technologies - IP and 3G, both signaling and media related, and as a developer and a product manager.

Finally, I eventually decided to focus on video telephony technologies, a topic which I find to be both interesting and "hot", a topic that is set to change the way we communicate.

A name was therefore chosen - "Talking Video", and this is exactly what I will be doing here: Talking Video.

I'll try writing here once a week, publishing a post every Wednesday, so stay tuned.

I'd appreciate any comments or questions you might have.

See you soon,


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