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This time, the roundup is mostly about Vidtel.

They decided to give several bloggers a taste of their service, and the good reviews were not late to arrive:

  • Jolly Mom reviews a videophone she received from Vidtel. This is definitely THE way to go for the consumer market. No "special" software, just a plain old telephone with a cool new video screen.
  • jkOnTheRun received Vidtel's videophone as well, and has a video review of it.
  • Ken Camp from The Next Web also wrote his review on the Vidtel's service. My takeaway is in the last paragraph:

Tomorrow, video will be a central part of our lives. It humanizes and personalizes our communications in the most revolutionary way since voice telephone calls. It brings us into closer contact with people who matter to us. It's how we'll share events in our lifestream.

Another gem that is still linked to Vidtel:

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