Nortel and Microsoft Keep On Teaming

Key capabilities announced earlier this week include "the availability of new context, which will enable richer collaboration capabilities such as location and presence features." What does this mean in practical terms for OCS customers. Let me give you two examples.

We can now offer increased safety of lone workers through active tracking and application-initiated communications, by enhance Microsoft OCS by combining application-initiated communication sessions and GPS-based location information. Consent-based tracking to monitor safety of remote worker (for example social workers entering a potentially hostile environment) through periodic password based updates, failing which an alert is sent to supervisor or law enforcement agency

We also enable employee and partner communication with the right people in real-time by allowing UC initiation from any phone number or email address on any web page or web-enabled app. How do we do this? By embedding the complete OCS contact menu for any phone number or email address within web-enabled business application, whether it's ERP, HR and CRM. This allows click-to-communicate using email addresses, phone numbers or extensions from any Web page.

OCS gets richer with UC Applications and Services from Nortel, giving you bigger business value from your UC investments.

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